Friday, April 18, 2008

The Suggested Draft to Endorse the DSP

This is the public endorsement of the DSP that we suggested. It clearly endorses the principles, as needed.

Dear United Students Against Sweatshops,

The Humboldt State University graduation pledge asks graduating students to consider social and environmental ramifications in their choice of careers as they enter the workforce. Unfortunately, the use of sweatshops throughout the world exposes people, including children, to harmful working conditions in order to provide inexpensive apparel. The university believes that positive changes to improve working conditions begins with knowledge and education of our students, staff and faculty. The ongoing issue of sweatshops and the companies that contract with them needs to be studied and addressed by an independent organization with the ability to assess working conditions, communicate with the apparel industry, and propose ways to bring meaningful change to these practices.

Change comes through leadership and I appreciate your recommendation for the university to become affiliated with the Designated Supplier's Proposal (DSP). The DSP is an innovative and independent initiative dedicated to ending sweatshop exploitation. In partnership with our students, the university would like to publicly announce its support for the principles of the DSP. We are committed to working with other universities and members of the DSP working group to implement the DSP as soon as all legal issues have been addressed. We are proud to be working with other like-minded universities to provide effective, ethical and independent leadership that will educate and communicate to both the apparel industry and consumers the consequences sweatshops have on people's lives throughout the world.

---Created on March 6 2008---

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