Friday, April 18, 2008

Suggestions for Richmond

Here are a list of suggestions for President Richmond to take. The points suggested are subject to change.

(Created on April 12th)

Suggested Actions to Take:

-Participate in the Working Group
  • Participation in the Working Group will ensure that the University stays updated about the DSP and can voice it's concerns and be acknowledged
  • To join the Working Group, one must publicly endorse the principles of the Designated Supplier's Proposal (see below), affiliate with the Worker's Rights Consortium (the monitoring organization), and contact the Working Group organizers
  • Note: endorsing the principles of the DSP is essentially the same thing as saying that, the university supports workers to have a living wage, freedom of association, decent working conditions, as well as reiterating the University's code of conduct. In addition, endorsing the DSP exemplifies that the University sees flaws and wishes to improve them. Endorsing the DSP also entails that the University wishes to implement the DSP once legal issues have been abated. However it is our hope that – once the University becomes involved with the DSP and once a positive business review letter is returned from the U.S. Department of Justice – that the University will fully understand the DSP, its legal repercussions, and become enthusiastic about the program.

-Form a Workers Rights Committee on Campus
  • Committee would be composed of students (from AS?), faculty, Bookstore Manager(s), a representative on behalf of the President
  • the representative would be responsible for communicating with the DSP working group
  • Meet on a scheduled basis (every 6 months?)
  • Committee would keep in contact with the Worker's Rights Consortium (WRC)
  • Note: This committee would be invaluable, because it legitimizes that the University makes efforts to improve worker's rights without a shadow of doubt. Furthermore, this committee would be involved directly with other universities through the University representative. This committee would guarantee that the University would seriously work (and be continuously updated) about the DSP, other programs, and our own initiatives.

One final note:

The committee would only be successful if the University already endorsed the DSP. The committee would instantly lose any credibility if the University did not publicly endorse the DSP. The entire purpose of the committee would be to ensure that the University can, and if they can, will implement the DSP. The committee would prove that the University wishes to remain an active participant.

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